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Swim America

Fastest Growing Learn-to-Swim Program

East Lyme Aquatics offers swim lessons year round regardless of residency!  We have over 15 years of experience teaching the Swim America curriculum which is the fastest growing learn to swim program in the country!  The Swim America program was designed by the American Swimming Coaches Association in 1988.  All of the skills in each level are geared at teaching participants the correct technique the first time and introduce important skills designed to teach participants how to swim efficiently.  Our program consists of 8 levels that are based on the ability level of the participants.  Once a participant can complete the graduation requirements for each level, they are moved up to the next level to improve upon the techniques previously taught.  The Swim America program is unique for its progressions which aim at teaching front crawl and backstroke at an early age.


Classes offered Monday, Thursday and Saturday 

Session 1: 9/16-10/12

Session 2: 10/21 - 11/16

Classes scheduled for Thurs 10/31 will be held Wed 10/30

Session 3: 12/2- 12/14​

Classes will be held twice per week (Monday/Thursday) for 2 weeks 

 Session 4: 1/4 - 1/30 

 Session 5: 2/1 - 2/27

 Session 6: 3/7 - 4/2

 Session 7: 4/20 - 4/16

 Session 8: 6/1 - 6/27



Non-member-$65.00, Member-$55.00

10% Discount for Multi Day Class Registration


Age 3 and 4

Pre-school 1

Preschool aquatics are an exciting experience but can also be stressful being put in a new environment.  Our instructors work hard to make the class fun and welcome all of the participants.  Each participant is challenged to try new skills with the focus being on floating, motor skills in the water, and water adaptation.

Swim Lessons

Age 3 and 4

Pre-school 2

Preschool 2 takes preschool aquatics to a whole new level by teaching participants to push off the wall and glide on their stomachs and on their backs.  Air exchange is a vital part of this class and time is spent learning how to inhale and exhale on a rhythmic basis.  As they progress through the session kicking will be covered in more detail.

Restorer Using Scalpel

Bubbles and Floats
Age 5+

Level 1

Level 1 is the beginner class for participants who have never taken swim lessons before or have not completed the graduation requirements to advance to Level 2.  Students in Level 1 will learn how to float on their backs unassisted, in addition to learning how to properly exchange air in and out of the water.  Class takes place on a water platform.

Level 2.jpg

Age 5+

Level 2

Level 2 is where participants work on independence in the water.  Students will learn how to push off the wall in a "streamline" position on their front and on their back.  The goal is to be comfortable pushing off from the wall and gliding without panicking or using our legs to help us float.

Level 3.jpg

Age 5+

Level 3

Level 3 builds upon the independence that was learned in level 2.  Specifically participants will work on the correct kicking motion and incorporating that kick into our front and back glides.  Once students are moving back and forth in the lane, primarily unassisted, with front glides and back glides, they are taught how to roll into the water which leads into the skills taught in Level 4.

Restorer Using Scalpel

Front Crawl
Age 5+

Level 4

Building upon techniques from level 3, level 4 introduces arm movement in the form of strokes.  The goal is for participants to learn how to take a stroke correctly and then start linking more than one stroke together.  It is important that participants understand correct body position and kicking prior to entering this level.

Backyard Football

Age 5+

Level 5

Level 5 teaches rhythmic and bilateral breathing for the front crawl and how to breathe on the side rather than rolling all the way on to the back.  There is a lot of endurance work in level 5, participants start swimming multiple laps of the pool in a lesson.

Swim Lessons

Age 5+

Level 6

Level 6 improves upon the freestyle technique taught in level 5 and increases the distance swam.  Backstroke is also introduced and taught through progressions.  Graduation from level 6 is the prerequisite to entering into the Stroke School Class.

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