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Nutmeg Swim Team

What makes the Nutmeg Swim Team one of the premier swimming clubs on the Connecticut shoreline? 
First and foremost, Nutmeg Aquatics believes in making swimming FUN. It’s true—swimming is a demanding sport requiring discipline and dedication, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be FUN! Swimmers who enjoy the sport will improve more readily, if only because they attend practice more frequently. The NA coaching staff also believes in encouraging swimmers to cultivate friendships with their teammates—compassionate and supportive relationships. These bonds of friendship can be some of the most rewarding results of a career in swimming.
Second, Nutmeg Aquatics emphasizes focused, technical swimming. While success in swimming requires hard work and a good deal of it, volume and intensity must be balanced by focused stroke technique work. Our coaches are some of the most innovative in the field, making use of cutting-edge drills and technologies as well as tried-and-true training methods.
Last but not least, Nutmeg Aquatics has a mission: to develop into an elite swimming club whose swimmers compete nationally and even internationally. To that end, the coaches teach goal setting at every level, from the age group swimmer trying to achieve a “BB” time in the 50-yard breaststroke to the senior swimmer trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the 100-meter butterfly. Our coaches and administrators set goals, too—just one of the many ways in which they are positive role models for our swimmers. Nutmeg Aquatics is a program that is moving forward.  Fun, focused swimming in a goal-oriented environment, and we proudly structure these ideals into our Nutmeg program. Please take your time to learn about us, observe a practice, or come and try out for the team.

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