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Adult Programs (18+)


Aqua Fit

Water Aerobic Class
Instructor: Kim Stirtan

Water Aerobic workout group that focuses on using resistance and buoyancy of the water to provide a low impact  workout that is fun and effective.  The class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, participants work to their ability level in the class.  Aqua Fit workouts aim to improve all the components of fitness: muscular endurance and strength, body composition, aerobic capacity, flexibility or joint mobility, and neuromuscular coordination.

Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 7:30 AM - 8:15 AM

Punch Card Passes Available

$75 for 10 punch passes to be used throughout the year.


Whether you are an experienced swimmer looking for some stroke refinement, a triathlete working on dropping time on your swim, a swimmer looking to learn new techniques or fix mistakes, or brand new to swimming and eager to learn, we have an instructor who can help you.  For information on youth private lessons click HERE!

Silver Splash

Water Aerobic Class

Water Aerobic class designed for older adults looking to remain active and improve: muscle strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and range of motion through water exercise.  Participants work to their ability level in this class and there are no swimming skills required to participate.  

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 AM - 9:20 AM

$75 for 10 punch passes to class

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